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lotus curry musical artist

1$/ Month

  • Access to the Private Lotus Curry Movement Community on Facebook

  • Unlimited access to my music vault (.mp3 downloads of all my tracks, past, present & future)

  • I'll follow you on social media - just send me your links!

  • 10% merch store discount

Lotus Curry Musical Artist

7$ / Month

  • 20% merch store discount

  • Monthly Face-to Face VIP Video Hangout/Q&A

  • Weekly inside peeks into my daily prayer & gratitude journal

  • Behind the Music videos for each song, where I talk about the meaning/inspiration and creative process behind the music

  • Access to the Lotus Curry Believers Circle Facebook Community, where many of the above rewards will be revealed

  • Access to my "vocal vault" with vocal-only tracks for all #FireCurry videos & many future releases! (to be used for features & remixes)

lotus curry's Merchandise

17$/ Month

  • All previous rewards plus

  • Shoutouts in All My Videos - Your name in the credits of all my videos 

  • Yearly SIGNED Merch Item - One free merch item of your choice per year. (must be subscribed at least 3 months before claiming)

lotus curry's patreon

37$/ Month

  • All previous rewards plus

  • I’ll send random surprises to you. These could include notes, posters, or even signed pages torn out of my daily journal! These will come through physical mail, email, and who knows, maybe even sent via a carrier owl.

  • You'll have no idea what is coming... Or when! 

lotus curry's patreon

47$/ Month

  • All previous rewards plus

  • 30 minute video chat once a month where I will personally mentor you to help you take your music career to the next level

  • I'll promote your artist name AND social media handle at the end of all my music videos!

lotus curry's patreon

197$/ Month

  • All previous rewards plus

  • Yearly performance at your private house party! 

  • You ARE amazing. Thank you so much.